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How 5G can help boost small businesses

How 5G can help boost small businesses

The hype for the fifth generation of wireless technology (5G) shows no signs of waning with good reason: it promises to revolutionize telecommunications and make everything and everyone more interconnected than ever before.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be more capable of interacting with each other and their environs without active prompts from their users. The sensors of self-driving vehicles will be taken to the point wherein they’ll significantly be much safer to use than human-driven ones. And who knows what the next technological marvel (after the currently ubiquitous smartphone) will enable us to do, given the hyperconnectivity that 5G will provide?

Benefits of 5G at a glance:

  • Enables data connection speeds of up to 100 times faster than 4G
  • Lower latency (i.e., reduced lag and data transfer delay)
  • Higher network bandwidth (i.e., a 5G network can handle way more apps)
  • Longer battery life of smart devices

5G’s applications make the tech a wellspring of profitable opportunities. Let’s take a look at what this upcoming tech will mean for small businesses.

Remote workers will enjoy a boost in productivity

Enabling remote work allows staff members to remain productive during bank run days, suffer less traffic, and be more easily deployed to off-site locations. With 5G’s blazingly fast and reliable internet connection, working remotely will be even more of a blast because:

  1. Sharing and collaborating on large cloud-based files will be easier than ever.
  2. Sophisticated features that are often reserved for locally stored programs will be made available on cloud-based software.
  3. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls will be upgraded to HD video calls with screen sharing capabilities.
  4. Tools such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will enhance video conferences and remote meetings.

Businesses can have their very own highly adaptable and secure network

A prime feature of 5G networks is that operators can segment a physical network into many virtual ones via network slicing. These virtual slices can be customized to serve the needs of a particular division, department, region of franchisees, or customer base. Furthermore, as your small business grows and its network requirements change, its network slices can be conveniently optimized accordingly.

Last but not least, using a network slice has the extra benefit of improving your cybersecurity posture. Virtual slices are separate from one another, which means that a malware infection in one will not spread to another, despite the slices belonging to just one physical network.

Gaps in the market will open up and become lucrative opportunities

5G can let users download an entire movie in 10 seconds when it would take 10 minutes on LTE. This illustrates just how much more data 5G networks can handle, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to what businesses can do with mountains of information moving at incredible speeds:

  • In-store IoT sensors can gather data and provide consumer insights in real time.
  • Body scanners and biomechanic sensors, together with other technologies such as 3D printing, can create truly bespoke clothing, footwear, and accessories.
  • Highly personalized and dynamic proximity marketing can convert nearby people into customers.
  • Realtors and travel agencies can provide hyper-realistic virtual tours.
  • Businesses that use screens to convey information (such as bowling alleys) as well as those that want to enhance the experiences that they’re offering (such as event organizers) can use augmented reality to provide customers with relevant, real-time information on demand, such as scores, karaoke-style lyrics displays, and directions to the restroom, among others.
  • Holographic projections can be the next medium for telecommunications and video entertainment.

Is your company 5G-ready? Consult with our tech experts at Simplified IT to come up with realistic strategies for taking advantage of 5G and other up-and-coming technologies today!

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