Cloud Services

Infrastructure Management for Cloud Systems, On-premises Networks, or a Hybrid of Both

Get all the power, efficiency, mobility, security, and savings that come with a managed cloud infrastructure.

Having your business’s network infrastructure managed by Simplified IT’s certified technicians increases efficiency, reduces operating costs, and fortifies security. We also manage cloud systems, and guide businesses looking to make the transition from a traditional on-premises network to the cloud. The cloud offers more benefits, including seamless workforce mobility, greater computing resources, and further reduced operating costs. You get the advantages of an entire server facility without worrying about upkeep. Should your unique business needs call for a combination of on-premises network and cloud system, we manage hybrid solutions as well.
Simplified IT cloud experts will help you decide which cloud system fits best with your business, facilitate your migration to the cloud, teach your staff how to best make use of the cloud, and manage licensing and updates so you’re always at peak performance. If your needs call for a secure hybrid system, we’ll set it up so both systems blend seamlessly for the best possible user experience. No matter what infrastructure your business needs, cloud, on-premises, or hybrid; Simplified IT Consulting will manage, maintain, and optimize your network so your employees enjoy minimal downtime, faster connections, better security, increased collaboration and mobility, and many more benefits.


“The future is in the cloud, and Simplified IT Consulting will ensure your migration is easy and profitable now and moving forward.”

The Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud with Simplified IT Consulting Include:

  • A single predictable fee instead of expensive, fluctuating server maintenance costs
  • Better security from hardened cloud data centers
  • Unprecedented workforce mobility; work anywhere there’s an internet connection
  • Infrastructure optimization and management by certified technicians
  • Real-time document editing for increased collaboration and productivity
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