Backup/Disaster Recovery

Automated, Secure Backups That Make You Ready for Anything

Get ultimate peace of mind from knowing that no unforeseen disaster can keep your business down for long.

Your company’s data is one of, if not the most, vital asset you possess. Confidential customer data, financial records, communication logs, proprietary product information, and many other forms of data are crucial to your business’s survival. Just like physical assets such as vehicles, they are susceptible to unforeseen nature– and human-caused disasters. Fire, flood, sabotage, human error, and many other catastrophes can compromise your business data and tarnish your reputation. Fortunately, unlike your vehicles, data can be easily copied, stored, and recovered in the event of a disaster if you have the right tools.
Simplified IT Consulting offers disaster recovery planning and automated data backup systems to ensure that no disaster can knock you out of business. Our experienced technicians will create a recovery plan that will get your operations back up and running in a matter of minutes or hours as opposed to days or weeks. Powerful, automated data backup systems will replicate your data to fortified data centers in multiple locations, guaranteeing that your data is not lost. Accident or emergency affecting your business is a matter of “when,” not “if,” so contact us today to start formulating a plan.

“60 percent of small businesses shut down completely within six months of losing their data. Don’t become a statistic, back up your important data with guidance from Simplified IT Consulting.”

Simplified IT Consulting ’s Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions Are:

  • Automated; so your data is current up to the minute
  • Planned and directed by experienced disaster recovery technicians
  • Unobtrusive; so they don’t slow down your systems
  • Tested constantly for integrity and security
  • Georedundant; so even the backups have backups
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