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5 Amazing things G Suite can offer to small businesses

5 Amazing things G Suite can offer to small businesses

As businesses across every industry look for new ways to become more efficient and adaptable in a time of constant change, more are setting their sights on the cloud. G Suite by Google is one of the two biggest contenders among cloud-based productivity suites, the other being Microsoft Office 365.

Here are five business benefits of migrating to G Suite:

#1. Unlimited online storage

The rapid proliferation of data in recent years has been one of the main drivers behind the constant need to add more storage capacity. But that can get expensive when you have to keep adding new drives and racks to an in-house server with limited bandwidth. Alternatively, G Suite’s free Basic edition offers 30 GB of storage per user, while the Business and Enterprise versions offer 1 TB per user for accounts with fewer than five users and unlimited online storage for those with more users.

#2. Dependable business email

With G Suite, there’s no need to have your own email server. Gmail is the world’s most popular web-based email service both for personal and business users. Business accounts provide additional security controls, industry-leading spam filtering, and ad-free operation. It features real-time message notifications as well, while allowing administrators to centrally manage all accounts associated with the company. Given Gmail’s deep integration with Google Hangouts, it’s also easy to elevate email conversations to chat and video conferencing.

#3. Enhanced data security

Businesses of all types and sizes face a growing number of cyberthreats, which is one of the most compelling reasons for putting your mission-critical systems in the hands of a major industry leader like Google. As one of the world’s biggest companies, Google has the resources necessary to provide cutting-edge physical security measures and all the technological controls you need to protect your digital assets. One of G Suite’s most important security features is Vault, which helps administrators retain hold, search, and export company data.

#4. Improved team collaboration

Being an entirely cloud-based platform in which all applications can work through a browser, G Suite doesn’t care which device or operating system (OS) you’re using. This makes it the perfect choice in the age of workforce mobility where employees are increasingly likely to use their own devices for work. Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides all allow for real-time collaboration and co-authoring of documents as well, so there’s no need for manually exchanging files over email or physical storage media. Everything is stored centrally on your Google Drive account.

#5. Always up-to-date software and hardware

Since G Suite is a cloud platform, there’s no need to install any software locally. Everything runs through a browser, which means the compute power and storage space required are all taken care of in Google’s data centers. There’s no need to upgrade your local hardware or install any software or updates. Maintenance and upgrades are Google’s responsibilities, which means all your essential software is kept current at all times.

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