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Full Service Managed Support Plans

You’re running a business, not an IT company – so you shouldn’t have to spend your time and resources attempting to maintain your own dedicated IT department. Our full service, managed support plans are the solution. We provide all-inclusive IT support plans with monitoring, help desk services, strategic planning services. Managed support plans eliminate the need to maintain a large office of internal IT professionals. Instead, resources can be allocated to revenue-generating activities and essential customer support tasks.

We know that each business has different needs. To meet those needs, we offer fully managed support plans that are tiered and customized to suit your business. As your company grows, our support grows with you — so that you can scale your business upwards without a significant upfront investment of time and resources. Our talented consultants can provide valuable IT expertise, making it easier for your organization to get exactly what it needs… when it needs it.

If you already have an internal IT department, our managed support plans can be customized to augment your team’s skill sets. We provide the assistance needed to make your internal IT department more productive, allowing you to leverage new IT management strategies. We are able to work with your organization to create the support plan that will truly work for you – and to explore technologies that can improve your operations.


Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

We offer complete monitoring of uptime and performance for critical systems – with managed updates for Windows and network equipment. Our team of experts is able to identify uptime and performance issues quickly, addressing them before they become a problem for a business and ensuring that disruptions to a company’s operations are mitigated or minimized. With an internal IT team, monitoring of uptime and performance only occurs during business hours – and that can mean employees may not know that there are issues until too late. We are able to react swiftly to resolve issues even out of normal operating hours.

Our proactive maintenance services regularly update Windows and network equipment, ensuring cutting-edge, up-to-date technology that is highly secured. Without regular updates, a system quickly becomes exposed and vulnerable to a multitude of cyber security threats. Modern businesses have numerous weaknesses when it comes to cyber criminals, ranging from the “Internet of Things” to unsecured cloud-based solutions. Keeping applications, operating systems, and networking equipment up-to-date is the first line of defense against these exploits.

Establishing around the clock monitoring services and proactive maintenance schedules internally can be prohibitively expensive, requiring an investment in both additional technology and IT staff. Not only this, but it also comes with the burden of hiring employees, training them, and managing them. Our proactive monitoring and maintenance is designed to head issues off before they become problems, thereby ensuring that a business doesn’t experience downtime while ensuring that your IT environment is healthy and secure.


Strategic Planning and Guidance

Does your business have a comprehensive IT strategy? If not, it should. A comprehensive IT strategy is necessary for companies today to remain competitive and to ensure that their existing technology is future-proofed and scalable. A comprehensive IT strategy will not only give your organization an edge over its competition, but will also protect your company from unnecessary expenses moving forward. Your company’s technology is going to have to grow with your organization — and that brings with it concerns regarding both time and budget.

We build complete technology road maps to suit your company’s business practices, culture, and ultimate goals. These technology road maps are able to take into account both your company’s current needs and its needs moving forward, creating a system that can easily be changed and augmented as your business develops. Rather than having to re-evaluate your solutions every time an upgrade or replacement is needed, you can acquire a complete technology plan for your business moving forward.

Our all-inclusive strategic planning and guidance includes best practices for meeting security and compliance requirements, IT budgeting, and procurement options. We can help set the stage for your technology development, ensuring that your business has the IT support that it needs to truly succeed and grow. We can also help your organization procure best-in-class technologies. If you aren’t certain what the next step for your company’s IT journey is — or you want to learn more about the options available to your business — we can help.


Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

We provide complete backup and disaster recovery planning, essential for modern businesses that rely upon their data for their day-to-day operations, customer relationships, and enterprise resource planning. Fires, floods, and even cyber security breaches – these disasters can take your business down and destroy your data. If your business data is backed up locally, it could also be destroyed by a disaster — and if it is being backed up remotely, there may be no guarantee that those backups are complete and not corrupted.

Many companies never recover from significant data loss. In fact, companies can go out of business within just a few years of a data loss, if they are not able to recover quickly and begin operating again. If data is not backed up appropriately and in the right location, a company could potentially lose everything they have – costing them thousands of dollars or even millions in unexpected costs. Everything from shipping logistics to customer contacts and item inventories are now held within computer systems. The only way to mitigate a potential disaster is to prepare for it ahead of time.

Regular, incremental, and redundant system backups are the only way to protect against many modern cyber security attacks and potential physical disasters. Through our cutting-edge technologies, we are able to provide redundant backups through multiple locations — keeping your data safe regardless of the disaster. Our products also allow for the fast re-deployment of your data, so your business can begin operating again and recovering as soon as possible. For companies that need to maximize uptime, we can set up systems that sync data on a regular basis, thereby allowing for the near immediate re-deployment of company data without data loss. Companies can lose millions within minutes if not adequately prepared for a disaster. Contact us today to begin formulating your disaster recovery plan.


IT Project Management

IT infrastructures are steadily becoming more complex – and any projects related to them have many moving parts. The process of managing an IT project can seem to be overwhelmingly complicated, and that’s where our IT project management services step in. We provide complete planning and implementation of IT infrastructure projects, including servers, networks, and end user devices. This includes not only ensuring security and regulatory compliance requirements, but also ensuring that the project comes within projected deadlines.

When an extensive IT project is on the horizon, a business may need a knowledgeable and experienced partner to ensure that the operations go through without a hitch. Not only are there practical considerations – such as downtime and employee training – but there are additional considerations regarding security, regulations, and internal business processes. Our team can assess your company’s IT project to develop a complete roadmap towards success, starting from the very beginning and following through to ensure that the project has completely fulfilled the organization’s needs.

Many IT projects require access to IT specialists who have vast experience in infrastructure, networking, virtualization and storage. By working with an accomplished and experienced partner, a company can gain access to the expertise that it needs to truly make their project a success. Companies can also rest assured that they have the support needed to carry the project through to the very end with minimal operational disruption.


Cloud or On-Premise Systems Management

Whether your system is in the cloud, on-premise, or both, we provide complete infrastructure and systems management services. Companies today are using many of these systems interchangeably or integrated together, and either of these systems often need to be managed by experts to achieve better security and cloud-based solutions. We have the experience and knowledge to both optimize and secure your infrastructure for faster operations and superior resource management.

For on-premise solutions, we can monitor and maintain both hardware and software, resolving issues as they arise, managing equipment upgrades, and integrating software solutions. Many organizations today are choosing to run both cloud and on-premise solutions in a secure, hybrid environment; we can provide you with hybrid solutions in addition to monitoring and maintaining them. Altogether, we are able to create a complete infrastructure for your business that will best serve your business processes and avoid potential security issues.

Your company’s IT infrastructure provides the basis for its operations. It’s incredibly important that it be stable, secure, and scalable. Our management services will ensure that your system is reliable and responsive, and we will be able to identify and react to security issues through our round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance services. As your company grows, we have the expertise to help your IT infrastructure grow with you — developing upgrade paths and planning and managing the integration of your processes. Through our organization, you can even move your infrastructure to the cloud, leaving you free of on-premise servers and systems.

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