4 Google apps that will make your life easier

The sheer number of applications available in Google Play means spending hours distinguishing apps that improve your productivity from those that will dampen your efficiency. To save you time, we have chosen four apps that will make your life much easier. Chrome Remote Desktop This cross-platform app gives users a highly reliable level of support. […]

Factors for selecting a VoIP system

Keeping in touch with people through mobile devices has become cheaper these last few years. It is not surprising to see more businesses taking advantage of these affordable and versatile communication methods. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services are a popular alternative to regular phone calls and has become a necessity for many organizations in […]

How to make Office 365 work for you

Office 365 can boost your company’s productivity in many ways, but a lot of people don’t know how to utilize this service fully. Here are the things you can do to be more productive and make the most of Office 365. Get the staff aboard To maximize your company’s productivity with Office 365, make sure […]

Social media tools for businesses

Social media has proven to be a powerful promotional tool in its most basic form — and even more so if deployed strategically and with enhancement tools. Read on to learn more about apps and other tools that can boost your social media strategy. Having great content on your site is the magnet that attracts […]

Choosing the right business dashboard

Dashboards have become extremely useful tools for companies to make the most of their raw data. With proper implementation, a dashboard can display essential information in an easy-to-understand format, allowing business owners to easily make informed decisions. But a dashboard can say a lot of things depending on its setup, and it’s important to choose […]

Simple ways to protect your email account

Everyone uses email as the central hub for their personal internet activities, but this also makes it an attractive target for cyberattacks. The importance of email security is vital to your company’s survival, so applying these simple tips can dramatically reduce your exposure to hackers and malware. Use separate email accounts Most people use a […]

What is the dark web, and what does it mean for your business?

The web that we’re all familiar with is the global public network that we can easily access from any browser on any device with an internet connection. The web comprises the surface web and the deep web. The surface refers to all the content that’s indexed by the search engines, namely websites and public forums, whereas the deep web refers to everything that’s locked behind login forms, such as email services, online bank accounts, and anything protected by a paywall.

6 Types of cyberattacks that multifactor authentication can prevent

Multifactor authentication (MFA) combines two or more independent credentials to verify the identity of a user logging in to a system. These credentials may include two or more of the following:

Something the user knows, such as a password

Something the user has, such as an SMS code

Something the user is, such as a fingerprint scan

The purpose of MFA is to create a layered defense system that reduces reliance on passwords and exponentially improves protection against attacks like the following:

#1. Keylogger malware
Keyloggers are malicious programs installed by hackers to record the input of information via a keyboard.

How to calculate the TCO of VoIP

Picking a VoIP solution for your business can be tricky since there are so many data plans to choose from. But here’s a pro tip: Calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) and not just the monthly fees. What is TCO? TCO is the overall sum of procuring, deploying, and operating a VoIP system over […]

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